Our Services
Greener Grass Communications provides a comprehensive range of PR services, in a timely and effective manner. We support our clients from the strategic level, all the way through to operations and execution. Our services include:
Communications Strategy Development - This involves developing a communications and media strategy that best meets the clients’ objectives to develop and deliver key messages to the target audience;
Managing Media Relations - This involves proactively dealing with local and international media, through organising press conferences, developing media kits, arranging media interviews and other media opportunities, in order to maximise media coverage and visibility;
Media Monitoring and Tracking - This involves timely monitoring and analysis of the client’s coverage and visibility in the media. Event Management – This involves developing and implementing strategies to ensure that an event is organised in a streamlined and effective manner. Events include company launches, facility openings, product launches and seminars;
Copywriting of Publications, Websites and Promotional Materials - Creating a set of accurate, reader-friendly publicity materials is important in communicating a company’s key messages to its target audience.
Our Publications
Leveraging on our domain know-how and industry experience, Greener Grass Communications is also the co-publisher/author of the following leading industry publications:
Singapore Biotech Guide
First published in 2003, the Singapore Biotech Guide is the biomedical sciences sector’s leading industry guide and directory. The guide is available from key government agencies promoting Singapore’s biomedical sciences industry as well as online at www.biotechsingapore.com.
Thailand Biotech Guide
The Thailand Biotech Guide which is supported by Thailand’s National Science and Technology Development Authority and Board of Investment, aims to provide essential information on Thailand’s emerging bioindustry to companies keen to participate in the sector’s growth. It is available from the relevant government agencies and online at www.biotechthailand.com.
Singapore Medical Engineering and Technology Guide
The Singapore Medical Engineering and Technology Guide or MET Guide, was first published only in 2009. It aims to showcase Singapore’s growing medical technology sector and serves as a guide to foreign medtech companies that are setting up operations here. It is available from the relevant government agencies and online at www.medtechsingapore.com.